Romans 10:10

Text:  Leviticus 5:1-9

1.  Confession must be recognized that it belongs to you

     It took the death of the sacrifice and the blood to bring about atonement but it began with CONFESSION.

2.  Confession must be opening up to reveal that which is hidden.  Psalms 32:5.

3.  Confession should communicate what is in the heart.  Romans 10:9-10

4.  Confession will require all of mankind to participse.  Philippians 2:11

5.  Confession is good for reconciliation of others.  James 5:16, Matthew 5:23-24.

6.  Confession is a must for making changes.

     A.  So John wrote to Christians, to experience God's forgiveness.  I John 1:9.

     B.  Compare this to God;s first law of pardon.  Acts 8:37, Romans 10:10

     C.  Understandint the word "confess"

          Daniel 9:4-6

          Daniel 9:10

          Daniel 9:11

          Daniel 9:15

     D.  Confession of sins should be made


          ...for both known and unknown sins.  Psalms 19:12

7.  Confession for us is provided by Christ when we are found to be overcomers.

          Revelation 3:5, I John 5:5, I John 4:15